Sunday, 14 October 2012

Ode to the Kitty Cat!

 1.Painting from Olive Dear on Etsy: called Cat on mid century chair. I've seen this look many times from my own black cat. Her dark fur and  then those watching eyes.

 2. I'm crazy about Tatiana's very cool cat shirts from Cat's Secret on Etsy. Even a man can rock one of these shirts.

3.  I'm sure if you have a cat then you have seen this perched position before. This painting is by fellow Canadian Heather Horton and called Nefertiti Tindolini .

 4. Ratcha from DooDesign makes these really adorable coin purses and even cell phone cases with a variety of cat designs.

 5.  If you love whimsical fun accessories, then these cute cats can be found on Ali's Etsy shop called The Lovely Teaspoon.

6. This surreal print is by Ana Magruder and I love everything about this image. My first cat looked like this cutie. Find this print at her Etsy shop.

7.  Cathy Peng Art & Design is also an Etsy shop owner from Toronto,like myself, and she has a really great shop including everything from apparel to paper goods.

This is my sweet cat Misha. I do love cats, and I will always have a cat in my life. Misha is sweet and at times she gives my husband and I a really good chuckle. I love her small face and her pretty green eye. Not all cats are sweet, I know because I once had a biter. I hope you like this cat inspired entry!


  1. I love these!!!! I can't even pick a favorite!! Maybe if I MUST choose one then the coin purses are extra adorable.

  2. Aww I'm not a cat person but Misha is so cute! I love dark haired cats :)

  3. Wowww... thank you so much for featuring my cat purse! I am so happy! I faved all items and also share them on my social pages. Hope everybody get good sale! ^_^ Best to all... Hug! ^_^

  4. The paintings are pretty cool and the cat, adorable of course.


  5. So many delightful kitty items! One of my faves are the cat purses. Toooo cute!

  6. I love your blog and what you have to offer! Thanks for including the painting of Nefertiti! I really appreciate it! Thanks as well for a link to my website :)