Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday has Talent!

I love to paint and because of this I have a great appreciation for those who do it really well. When I paint, I love the feeling of calm and peace while I work. I also enjoy finding the right colors and textures. Today I am posting some really great nature themed paintings by really beautiful artists.

These two paintings are by Amy Talluto,whos paintings I first found on 20 x This first painting is called Sweet William and the second painting is called Blue Pool. Amy works exclusively with landscape imagery in my paintings and drawings and has a great collection on her website. 

I love her subject matter and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

 The second artist is a fellow Etsy shop owner who's paintings I first found on We heart it, and from there I found her lovely shop on Etsy . Brandy Cattor has a great eye and I loved these two nature themed paintings and the yellow used in this second painting is brilliant. The first painting is called Intrigue and the second painting is called Evergreens and Yellows.

The last two paintings are by Jaime Lauler Solberg and her artwork was shown today on the front page of Etsy in a treasury. I loved the mood and feeling of her work.

The first painting is called Cloud second painting is called Back to Dark. You can find more of Jaime's artwork on her website.



  1. Wow, I really love those last two paintings. They're so rich and moody, with such simple composition. You have awesome taste in art! And I just checked out your Etsy shop -- so good! Your jewelry is ace. Defo following your blog! xx

    1. thanks Meg, I think your blog is really awesome and quirkie.Following your blog too!