Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fall & Winter - Scarves Anyone?

I have a lot of scarves, and every year I some how end up buying "just one more". Sigh. I love scarves because they are a great accessory to change up an outfit or a look. Scarves are as versatile as jewelry, can be as cool as a great handbag and you can keep wearing them for quite a few years. Here are a few of my favorite looks that you can wear in the Fall and Winter. By the way, I love the boots in the last photo too.


  1. I can't wait to wear my scarves! Great post :D Love the pictures!

  2. I have an accumulation, seems like if I don't wear them during the winter I'm sure to catch a cold! Lovely ones you've pictured!


  3. Agree with your comments on the usefulness of scarves: they're definitely not JUST for keeping warm! Love your choices, and the models too.

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