Saturday, 8 December 2012

Our Yummy Men Love Gifts Too!

It sucks when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for my husband. He loves gadgets and video games, the two things I know very little about. I can't buy pretty things for him like I do my mom, so today I was searching for something perfect for him. I found these great gifts for men! I'm still not exactly sure what he wants, so I will pester him over the next week.Blah. We do love watching The Walking Dead and I think I want that zombie shirt for myself, but K would love it too. I hope you ladies get inspired with theses manly men inspired Geek loving gifts. Check it out!

1. Zombie Apocalypse Tshirt by Signature Tshirts

2. Star Wars for your Car on Think Geek

3. Clipper Ship Sailing Tie by Cyberoptix (Ties that don't Suck)
3. Gift Pack PS3 on Amazon

4. Skull 3D Iphone Case found on theFancy

 5. Record Turntable by AMG

 6. Oxhorn Handle Knife Belt by J&E Sedgwick & Co.

7. Doctor Who Desk Fridge


  1. great ideas!

    visiting you from blogging buddies! great blog :)


  2. These are some awesome ideas. I'm still trying to think of a thoughtful gift for my boyfriend. I have some "useful" gifts but I want to get him a fun one.

  3. Pretty cool selection of men gifts! Now I have a better idea of what to get my mum and sister's boyfriends :-)

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    Katrina Sophia Art