Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hump Day Happiness

Happy Hump Day! I hope it's been a good week for you. I've been busy, and a little down lately. I think it has to do with some changes at work which equals stress. I'm hoping all will settle down and go back to how it was when I started back in September.

 Today is my day off and I spent the lovely morning with K. He fixed my bike! The back tire had a leak so he changed the tube, greased anything that needed to be  slip and sliding, and now all I have to do is add air to my new tire and I am good to go. I love that I can bike to work this summer, and get about much quicker then my feet can take me. I'm not a car owner, and I am in no rush to own one in the city. I can get anywhere I need to go by bike, foot, or transit. When the time comes where I do live elsewhere then that is when I will invest in a Jeep. I hope I look as fabulous as this girl with her floral bike.

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  1. I love cycling! I used to cycle regularly until I had a quad bike accident and ruined my knee so I had to give up :( my knee is slowly recovering and am thinking to get back into it in a year or so..

    enjoy summer!xx