Sunday, 16 June 2013

5 Days Until Summer!

So I keep calling this weather Summer, and then I looked at the calender the other day and saw that Friday is the first official day of Summer. Here in Toronto it has been rainy one day and hot and humid the next.  I'm waiting for those really hot days to come, the one's that make you put on the least amount of clothing just because it's so darn hot. I have gathered a list of Summer Must Do's, so check it out!

1. Go to the Island once with K for a day of Rollerblading and Frisbee Golf (they have an amazing course there and K would love it if I played with him and didn't just watch)

2. Plan my Summer/Fall vacation to Costa Rica. We are 95% sure that is where we want to go.

3. Find Grilled corn and eat lots of it ( we don't have a BBQ at home).

4. Take lots of photos. The one above is my most recent photo of myself, but I need some new photos for myself, Facebook and this sweet blog.

5. Go jogging down by the beaches once a week. I was there for a jog yesterday and It's a really nice place to jog because it's flat, there is a cool breeze and the view is great.

6. Picnic again with K down by Lakeshore and bring beer again.

7. Stay at a friends farm for a few days as a mini vacation. Every year it gets talked about, but never happens.

8. Get Coffee (my dog) out for a run daily. She gets 3 walks, but with the nice weather she deserves 1 good run a day just keep her happy and chubby free.

9. Pick some flowers and enjoy them in my home.

10. Bike ride anywhere!

Do you have any big plans for the summer?

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