Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January 1 2014

So it is a new year! I really have nothing bad to say about 2013, it was a good year for me and I have seriously can't complain. Nothing really bad happened and nothing really crazy exciting happened. I am ready to take on 2014 with a fierce force though.

I looked back at my goals for 2013 which you can find here, and they were not too difficult to accomplish, yet I noticed that some were not completed. That's okay because I have this year to work on it. I did not paint at all this year, but I did go last week to get a canvas and they were too expensive, so when my art store has a sale I will buy a large canvas and go nuts.

K and I did have the baby talk, but there is no date. It is a subject that needs further prodding. We are 95% ready.

I did not make one new silver or copper ring, earring or necklace for my shop. I did sign up for a class and went to 1 class, but the teacher was really bad and I got a refund. I am teaching myself slowly and I will have new items  made by March.

I made 1 new friend, not 2 but for me that is really great. We hopefully will go for coffee in January when work is not as crazy.

I ran a lot this summer and I am happy I committed to it fully. Its challenging and every time I run I feel really proud of myself. I just don't have a run buddy, and running a marathon seems kind of uneventful if I don't have a buddy running with me. So the marathon is put off for now. But I am still running. I just have to watch my my weight because I do loose fat from all of the wrong places where I like a little fat.

My Goals For 2014

1. Run 2 miles twice a week starting in the spring (March). In the winter keep going to the gym and hit the treadmill for a 15 min run each time.
2. Have new jewelry for my shop ready and made for the spring(April). I am looking to make some copper rings and brass rings at first and then upgrade to silver. I have some really great ideas brewing.
3. Increase my shop sales each month to pass the previous year sales. I would like to be around 525 sales by the end of Dec 2014. My other shop Fauna and Forest needs more stock and I would like to find the perfect balance of items in that shop.
4. Travel to Dominican or another hot location in September.
5. Baby time? I think so.
6. Save money for a home for 2015 or 2016. Have at MOST of the deposit saved.
7. Donate money to Toronto Animal Services through my shop. I have this cute kitty necklace and 100% of the proceeds will be going to the animal shelter that I got my sweet cat Misha from.

Happy New Year! What is your main goal?

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  1. Lovely resolutions!
    Bella x