Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hello March!

I am looking forward to the month of March. I am hoping it will be a much better month then February. This year winter started around November for us with an ice storm and then lots of snow and very cold windy days. Last February is when I started jogging and it continued into the Fall. But this February I don't think I was able to get out much for longer then 30 minutes in the cold for a walk, because it was so cold and snowy.

Right now my day job work is really quiet and I am getting less shifts. I wanted to spend that time working on my new Metalwork shop. I have spent some time working on it and have opened my Etsy shop with a few items. But I am sick right now with a cold which makes me less able to focus and less patient for errors. I knew it would be a learning curve, but learning something from start to finish on my own is a bit scary and challenging. I think once things come together I will be really proud that I learned how to solder and make items own my own. But for now, I am a bit short tempered.

Valentine's Day and K's birthday were in February and we had a great time for both those days. K just wanted a lazy day for his birthday, so we spent most of the day inside and then I took us out for dinner. Valentines Day was great, we went downtown and had a really nice meal and just wondered around and spent a nice day with each other.

For March I would like to get a few runs in and loose my winter fat, I would like to get back to the gym once this cold is gone and I would like to have my first bezel setting created and listed in Wild Copper Fox. I also would like to not see one day of snow, please.

Here is a sample of what I have in my shop at the moment, more items to come:

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