Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Running this Spring

I love when it actually seems like spring is going to appear. Our winter has been long and cold, and I think I have felt a bit depressed during the month of February and a bit of March because of it, because I couldn't exercise and I was munching away on crap and gaining a bit of weight. I'm definitely not concerned about a few pounds, but I worked out hard last Summer and Fall and I didn't want to loose that flow. Its been really rough wanting to do something I really enjoy, but not being able to due to the horrible weather. I also find the treadmill really boring and different to run on.

A week or two ago my mom, who is very thoughtful and generous, bought me two pairs of really awesome running shoes. The first pair are these awesome blue New Balance shoes.  What I love about them is that I did not have to work them in. They are incredibly supportive and comfortable, which is something I need since I have wide feet that don't like the feel of a lot of shoes. The color combo isn't bad, I'm just not use to this new trend of super colorful shoes, but I look forward to running many miles in them.

I also tried on these Asics and I really liked them too, so we couldn't resist and I got them as well as a gift. The color are just as funky and I think these will be my gym shoes for the moment. I am not sure if they are as comfortable since we ordered them and I haven't run in them yet. The summer that past I bought two new running tank tops that match my new running shoes to the T, and I didn't know this until I got home and was getting ready to go to the gym. It's funny how you can be drawn to certain colors.

 Which color combination do you like best?

I hope to really enjoy April and plan on picking a lot of flowers for my resin jewelry spring/summer collection!

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