Saturday, 31 May 2014

What I Love About JUNE

Tomorrow will be the first of June, and to me that means that summer will have fully arrived. I love the summertime, the heat of the sun, beers on a patio, walks down by the beach in my shorts, summer skirts and the list just goes on.

I took the photo above on my day off this week. K and I went down to the beach area, and it was still cool out with a little heat from the sun.  I brought a few items from my shop and did a little photo shoot. You can see some of those photos on Instagram or in my shop.  It was such a great day and I took a crap load of photos and spent quality time with the hubby. We even brought a few beers and had them on the little rock side.

This photo makes me happy because summer nights and days are on the way. I am hopping to get in more evening runs now that the weather for it is here. If you are a runner, what time of day do you like to run at?  I personally don't have the energy for a early morning run, so 8 pm seems to be the time, since it's cooler, I have the energy and there is less traffic to deal with.

I'll be posting more new items in LOVE n LAVISH soon, so check it out.

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