Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wow, That's HOT!

I love yoga, and I have done it off and on for 5 or 6 years now. I have always done really basic classes and I would say my last class that I took was about a year or more ago. A new friend from work wanted to try a yoga class together and so we talked about it in the winter and it never happened. This Thursday our schedules worked and so we met up for some HOT yoga in this studio that neither of us have been to.

I came prepared, knowing that hot yoga meant sweat. I wore a running tank and I wore my gym pants. I cranked my thick hair up in a ponytail and brought a full bottle of water and a towel. My friend on the other hand wore long sleeves, had her hair down and did not bring water.

The reception area was pretty warm/ stuffy, so I knew that meant that the main yoga room would be even hotter. We chatted for a while and then chatted on our mats in the studio while we waited for the teacher to start. While we talked about work I noticed I already had a pool of sweat dripping down my chest.

Our teacher started the class and it really was not anything different from what I expected, other then having sweat pouring down my face, my arms, my back....everywhere.

The worst part of the whole thing is that the only time we could go to was the 75min class. If I had started with a  30min class then I think I would have enjoyed it more. I started to feel sick about 45 minutes in, and I would have to rest. From time to time I would glance at my friend and she and I would give each other that look like, what did we get ourselves into.

But I survived, and I do want to take another class, just not for so long. After, when I was at home I felt so good. Maybe it was because I had challenged myself and tried something new. And I kind of liked sweating. Do you do Yoga? Have you tried Hot Yoga and so, did you like it?

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