Thursday, 6 November 2014

Finds For Christmas - Plush Soft Toys

1. Fox Softie - Woodland Tale

2.  Plush Bear - Knitting Dreams

3. Little Red Riding Hood Doll - Puppets and Hugs

4. Ivy the Sheep Soft Toy - Wassupbrothers

5. Cat Plush Toy- Soft Silk Toys

6. Sloth Stuffed Toy - Natali Bright

7. Plush Bunny - Teeny Tails

I love cute toys, and I love animals so these two mix really well in my books. These cute plush toys make a great gift for a friend, girlfriend, your own kids or even yourself ( I still have a small collection of my own cute cuddle friends). Click on them to check out each Etsy shop, and I hope you fall in love and want to take one home. I have my eye on all of these and can't make my mind up. Enjoy!


  1. The sloth - Love it!!!
    Great finds.

  2. they're all so cute!!! i love plushies and that fox softie is to die for!