Saturday, 12 December 2015

What's New in December?

The Holiday season is here! I haven't truly felt the pressure yet, and without snow it feels a bit like October still. I'm working hard and putting out as much new product to my shop as I can. I have also been very busy getting all of my  Christmas orders out for the next day if I can. I know everyone who orders form me want their necklace as soon as possible and I am working hard to make it happen.

Here are a few new pieces which I thought could use a little feature.

1. Is a Chrysocolla wire wrapped stone which I added last night to my shop. I love the rich blues and greens in this piece. Chrysocolla : Heart chakra stone, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus,  Peaceful calming stone

2. A tumbled Crystal Quartz wire wrapped. Quartz: Third eye chakra, clear thinking,protection stone, all birthstones

3. Tumbled Emerald wire wrapped necklace. Emerald properties: Heart chakra, love stone, calming stone

4. Eudialyte Raw stone wire wrapped necklace. Eudialyte is a love stone as well, acceptance of love, protection stone, heart chakra.

5. Red Jasper smooth polished stone wire wrapped necklace. Red Jasper: base chakra, stress relieving, clears negative energy, Red reflects the color of passion, energy, and life

6. Lemurian Quartz Necklace. Lemurian Quartz is a balancing stoneLemurian Seed crystals connect with the crown and solar star chakra. These are master crystals within the crystal kingdom.

A little feature for some of my necklaces currently in my shop. You don't need to believe that crystals have healing properties to appreciate and own one of these beauties. I think it's fun to know what each stone represents and can do for you. Check out my shop for more one of a kind pieces and stunning rocks and minerals. Happy Holidays!

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