Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lets Try This Once More

So i'm back to blogging. This is not my first post,but the last one was months ago and really lame. I find it difficult to figure out how to add templates and customize it like others have.I guess I have to do more research.

So who am I ? My name is Sil and I live in Toronto Canada. I have my own Etsy store and webpage LOVEnLAVISH.com which will be getting a facelift soon.

My Etsy store is LOVEnLAVISH.etsy.com and I have had it up and running for over a year now. It has transformed from a small earring shop to a Nature Inspired Jewelry and Print Shop.

I love nature and in posts to come you will see nature images by me and by others. Here are a few samples from my shop. I hope you drop in!


  1. The earrings look very pretty dear....
    Wud love it if u dropped by my blog sumtym..


  2. Your resin jewelry is AMAZING!
    So lovely!

  3. Hey Sil. Your blog is very cute and has a lot of original things to make life more funny. Greetings from Spain!