Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crisp Cool Air

Today and yesterday I posted a few new items in my shop and I thought I would post them for you.

I love these imprint brass leaf earrings which have really lovely turquoise chips at the top of the charm. I made myself a pair of these earrings and they are really lightweight and pretty. Find them here.

I love working with resin and pressed flowers and plants. I have a large collection of flowers and plants that I picked this spring and summer and yesterday I posted this small rose bud and moss necklace. It's a small size and really romantic looking. Find it here.

Our beautiful summer is coming to a close and I can feel it in the air even during the mid afternoon when it use to be so hot. There is this cool crisp air that feels fresh and energizing, but because I know it means that fall and winter are just around the corner I can't really enjoy it. So I work on my
shop and celebrate all of the beautiful plants and flowers that have just a few more months.