Saturday, 20 October 2012

OH COFFEE, How I LOVE Thee..........

This morning I crawled out of bed and did my usual routine. I go to the kitchen with my black kitty following behind, pull out the filter and the tin of coffee  and start a good sized brew of coffee. I'm not even really particular on what kind of coffee. As long as the flavor isn't bitter or too strong, then I'm in heaven once I sip away at that first cup.

I take my coffee black and add ice cubes when I go to places like Starbucks or Second Cup because they make such HOT coffee. Anyway I love Coffee and so does my husband (even more then me if that is possible), and when we got our first dog together, she was really hyper,so we named her Coffee. So, enjoy your Saturday morning and if you LOVE coffee like I do, then I hope you enjoy these pics!

Tomorrows blog post will be about me! I'm not too fond of yacking about myself, I'm a pretty private person, but I have been nominated by a fellow new blogger for the  Liebster Blog Award and there are some questions I have to answer. So stay tuned!


  1. I'm going to go make coffee now. :)

  2. I too love love love coffee! However for me, I adore it super hot!

  3. Life truly does begin AFTER coffee! Before coffee is a zombie/nightmare of the living dead situation :P
    Thank you for following the blog :) I love your blog and am following back! :D
    Hugs! Steph at Heart Soul Inspiration