Friday, 26 October 2012

Sweet Items to Have!

Thank goodness it's Friday! Today is my day off and I was able to sleep in a bit and relax. I have no plans for today other then shopping for my nephews birthday present. Which got me looking around and finding really sweet cute things that I actually want for myself. Maybe you have a niece or nephew too, or you just love cute animal items like myself. Anyone thinking of Christmas shopping yet? Yikes, it does seem a bit early, but I would rather get it over with sooner then later. Anyway, I hope you love all of these amazing handmade items. Enjoy your weekend!

1. One Little Red Fox has these really hip and cute plush toys. I love this retro badger and his fun pink glasses.

2. Mount Royal Mint makes these sly looking fox soft sculptures seen on the left. They are so perfect together, you kind of wonder what kind of nonsense they get up to. I also love skunks and this skunk is red sweater is a great touch. The sweater skunk is sculpted from polymer clay, painted and has a cool embroidered felt tail.

 3. Gingiber has this black sheep pillow ( I love the bit of attitude this guy has) that any nursery could sport. The back of this pillow even has a really cool plaid fabric. This is also a print which would look awesome up on your living room wall.

4. Mystic Moose sells these really great eco-friendly totes with many different animals to choose from. I love this fox illustration Ceridwen has created and put on her totes and gift tags. Her shop has a great variety to choose from.

 5. Roddy and Ginger's screenprint Owl caught my owl this morning because I do have a thing for green owls. Their items have this wonderful mid-century folk-art twist.

6. Blue Eyed Night Owl's Cat Lover Bookmark is so adorable and handy because you will never loose your page. I love books and journals and this bookmark can even be used to keep your journal closed. Laura also sells sweet owl brooches, great for all of those owl item collectors out there.


  1. This stuff is so cute!! I love those fox totes...

  2. Love those pink glasses on the badger at the top! Too cute!

  3. Wow, these are amazing! I think you might have made my Christmas wishlist a bit longer too;)

    Thanks so much for putting my items in here too!!

  4. Aww all of these are amazing :) So cute! xxx

  5. The glasses on that badger, too cute! I hope you enjoyed your day off!

  6. These are really cute!!! Love the little 'spectacled' fox on the top :)

  7. That sheep pillow is cute but also a little bit intimidating lol xx