Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Ocean

I don't have the opportunity to be by the ocean very much, so when I stumbled upon these beautiful oil paintings of the ocean it took my breath away. I can't even properly put into words how I felt as I browsed through Artist Ran Ortner's site, so I wont. I hope you enjoy and love them too and have a look at his gallery website.

 Open Water No. 24 Oil Canvas 70 x 228

Open Water No. 17 Oil on Canvas 84 x 108"

 Storm No. 1 Oil on Canvas 96 x 384 "

Storm No. 2 Oil on Canvas 75 x 182"


  1. Those are beautiful!! They look like photographs!

  2. These are PAINTINGS?!? OMG!! They are SO realistic! How amazing.

  3. Wow! Those paintings look seriously good! I can see how standing if front of that huge painting would take your breath away--it looks so real :D

  4. Wow, these are beautiful! It's wild that someone can make an oil painting look so realistic.

  5. such beautiful paintings! they're amazing. thanks for sharing! :)

    andrea brionne

  6. These are amazing! I can't believe they're painted! Gotta appreciate some spot-on hyperrealism, right?