Monday, 12 November 2012

Sickness Prevails and a Berry Feature

 I have had time this past week to make some new items for my shop and edit old photos. I am also working on some items to add for Christmas time, and I will be posting them on the weekend. Oh and I was lucky enough to have an item featured on The Berry last week. It's the blue agate tear drop necklace got some love last week and now I have just this one left. I love The Berry, they have some really funny posts, post some photo's of hot guys and showcase some really great fashion pics.

Oh ya, and I did finally get sick.Sigh. It started with K's mom, whom K visited 2 weeks ago.Then K got the sniffles and I took good care of him and cleaned everything,including my hands like 1000 times. Then all of last week I sneezed a lot and now here I am today blowing my nose and praying it doesn't get any worse because I have to work tomorrow and I hate going to work sick. K is a really great guy, & if it gets bad he will take good care of me. So, today I am resting,drinking tea and going to bed early.


  1. Get better! Enjoy the tea! And that necklace is quite gorgeous!

  2. I love those feather earrings!! Beautiful! :)

  3. Gorgeous necklace!
    Get well soon =)

  4. great blog! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  5. Such gorgeous jewelry! Love the tear drop necklace and the Resin flower :) I hope you feel better soon, I think tea is being my saving grace right now as well. :)