Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sales!

So the last few days I have been working on making some new items for my shop and preparing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. I even asked my husband to make me a  shop banner, which I never do because it's my shop and I'm a bit of a control freak with how it looks. I really like the banner he made me  (he's a graphic designer) and I may get him to make me another after the sale is over (yup I'm giving in). Right now through Monday I am having a sale giving 20% off  when you use this coupon code: CyberSale2012. Coupon codes don't always get used by shoppers,which I never understand, so if you do shop on Etsy, enter the Coupon Code at checkout and you will see the discount.

Since I'm a big supporter of handmade and Etsy shops, I wanted to share with you some great shops that are having a sale. I hear there are only 32 days until Christmas, so it's time to get started on some shopping! I will even be getting a few things this weekend for my family.

1. My Imagination in Ink - Pen and Ink Feather Print
2. Pixie Bell -Mustard Colored Knit Hat
3. Art by Lauren-Ceramic Lace Bowl
4. Jaden Rai Inspired - Rustic Lace Wreath Birch Bark

1. Eye Poetry Photography - Horses in the Ocean
2. Maleah Torney - Dreamy Moon and Stars Photograph
3. Pretty Chic SF - Peacock Feather Stamp
4. Neck Lush -Blue Infinity Scarf Womens

1. Angel Dog Designs: Wool Felted Acorn Ornaments
2. Sew Zinski -Orange White Folk Art Vase
3. Beauty Spot - Constellation Necklace
4.The Haunted Hollow Tree - Nature Collection Art Print

1. Love n Lavish - Turquoise Love (yup that's my stuff too)

For all of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy it and don't stuff yourselves too much!


  1. Such beautiful picks! I think the wreath has to be my fav!

  2. Awesome stuff!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. A very wintery banner indeed! I made one especially for my sale too today:)

    And you picked some wonderful things here! The bird vase being my absolute favorite<3