Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wishing you a Happy Holidays!

Here are some winter themed pieces of artwork to love:

1. Original Painting of a Bear: by Shelli Walters

2. Cedar Lake Cattails: by Scott Lloyd Anderson

3. Winter Landscape photos: Finnish photographer Kari Liimatainen

4. Oh! the Snow photo by: Nick Kenrick

So Christmas day is almost here! We haven't had any substantial snow yet, which is fine by me because I hate having to deal with it. It actually looks really pretty,but is a pain to deal with as the days go by. So a Christmas without snow is great in my books. Actually, last Christmas morning my mom came by, we picked up Starbucks and went for a long walk, because that is how mild it was.

This Christmas Eve I am spending with my side of the family, which is pretty small. My brother is newly married, so we have one extra person this year. My husband has a small family, but his brother's wife has a large Italian family and there are lots of kids, so that will be chaos. We are heading to their home and I'm sure I'll be accepting all of the liquored drinks coming my way. Because I grew up with such a small family and we are all kind of on the quiet side, I always find these loud big gatherings stressful. But it is only once a year, so I will suck it up.

What is my favorite part of Christmas?

1. I love the good food and the wine served with it.
2. I love watching my nephews open their gifts and how excited the kids get over the whole thing.
3. I love Christmas crackers and the funny lame jokes that come with them and the silly paper crown hats.
4. I love watching a Christmas movie, especially The Christmas Story.
5. I love going home and knowing the whole thing is over!

I'll most likely post again on Boxing Day,oh and I am also having a Boxing Day Sale in my shop, so see ya all then! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the next few days off. Merry Christmas!


  1. I *love* that picture of a bear, so inspiring and I love the use of mixed media :) makes me want to get back into art!



  2. I like the one with the bear. :)

  3. lovely pics! the first one is my favourite :) Nice blog<3

    I would appreciate it,if you visit my blog too!:)

  4. Very pretty, thank you for sharing those!

  5. Gorgeous pictures!!! I love all the fun things!!!!

  6. I absolutely love the bear one!

    Happy New Year! xx

    The Young Bridget Jones