Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday with lots of goodies and a great time.

My Christmas was less hectic then I originally thought it would be. My mom was sick with a flu on the 24th so she cancelled. Then for Christmas K and I woke up late, took the dog to this large field near by and let Coffee get a good run for the day. Then we headed down to K's parents place for a pre drink before going over to K's brother's house. Dinner and snacks were wonderful and the kids had a great time opening all of their gifts. It ended up being just the close family members invited,so it did not seem so crazy. Then around 9pm we headed home.

I did not plan much for Boxing Day, except I went to the gym for a good workout session and later that day K and I watched 3 or 4 episodes of Spartacus season 3. When I originally heard of Spartacus I was not interested in watching a TV series about Gladiators even though I did love the movie 300. But I watched the prelude of Spartacus and fell in love with all of the characters and especially loved Lucy Lawless and the guy who was in Sliding Doors and 4 Weddings and a Funeral. The show has lots of action/fighting, swearing, blood, and sex. It's the perfect show for both my husband and I.

New Years Eve was spent with an old friend of ours. K and I met in college, and we were in the same class. Our friend was in that same class and K stayed friends with him and from time to time we all get together. So we went over to our buddies place for drinks and to meet his new "boyfriend". I had a lot of lovely red wine and we snacked and chatted till 10pm.There is this awesome Japanese bar in Toronto and that is were we ended up. All we needed for New Year's Eve was lovely champagne and seafood and good company.

I have been thinking about New Year's resolutions..... and I think I will post them next post just to keep me on track.

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013!

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