Saturday, 16 March 2013


I love to decorate my home and rearrange my rooms from time to time. I'm always drawn to large windows with lots of lights and earthy wooden pieces. My dream room is definitely that last photo with the view of the mountains (perfection). I also spotted that desk for two and got really excited imagining K and I sharing our work space. Oh, but then I remembered what a messy slob he can be and the image of what his desk actually looks like appeared in my mind making me cringe.

What's your favorite room in your home? What makes it so special?


  1. Wow, I'd kill for that green chair<3

    And I'll be moving really soon, which means I get to decorate every room:) I can hardly wait!

  2. The first picture mirrors my idea of perfection. My favourite room is my daughter's, it looks like a fairytale and makes me want to be a kid again!
    Lots of love
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  3. I like the picture frame setup. I'm slowly learning how to decorate my apartment. I even received some help from a fellow blogger for interior design.