Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Seeing Green



I love spring because of the green that begins to pop up. We don't really see a true spring until April or the beginning of May if we  are really unlucky. So, I try to find beautiful green plants that I can put outdoors in the Spring/Summer months, and have in my home during the Winter. 

I love Succulents! You will see them in many of the photos above. A Succulent  is a plant that has evolved various ways to survive its hostile environment and for someone who loves plants, but they don't always love me,so this is the perfect kind of plant for my home. I love all of the different ideas on how to display them (the Tea Cup being one of my favorites) and they are really great for Wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. I hope you have a little green in your home as there are health benefits  as well.  

Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!


  1. What a good sunny pick me up! I LOVE succulents! I'm itching for more plants and a trip or two to the greenhouse but with an impending move, I figure it's best to wait on that. Great plant inspiration, though!

  2. I love succulents! They are by far my favorite type of plant, they're just so cool looking.