Friday, 8 March 2013

Meat Free Week!

I saw the link on another bloggers blog and knew that a week without meat was perfect for me. I normally am not a big meat eater. I eat a bit of chicken or fish from time to time and I like meat on my pizza, but that is about it. I also really LOVE animals, ALL of them, so I thought I would share  this info with you and try to get some of my followers to take up the challenge with me. You are also able to sponsor me to show your support of any amount, even $5 will count. Here is a little blurb about Meat Free week:

I’ve signed up for the Meat Free Week challenge. This means I’m giving
all animal protein a miss from the 18th – 24th March 2013.
I’m doing this to help raise awareness of factory farming and the negative
impact that eating too much meat has on animal welfare, the planet and human
health. By doing so, I’m also raising money for Voiceless, the animal
protection institute, to assist their work in ending factory farming.
I’d love you to show your support by sponsoring me. You can do this by
visiting and after pressing the Sponsor button on the home
page, search for Sil Anderson. Alternatively, you can be taken directly to my
personal Meat Free Week profile page by copying the following address into
your browser:
If you’re really worried I won’t get through the week, feel free to
purchase me an Eat Meat Pass. 
Even if you can't sponsor me or participate, please SHARE the link or post a MEAT
FREE WEEK button on your blog so another fellow blogger can be aware of this week. 
It's not for Australians only, it's for everyone and you can check out their 
Facebook link here: 


  1. This is pretty cool. :p Good luck on your meat-fre week!

    1. Props to you. Once you try it you don't even really notice (in my case anyways).

  2. Love this post! I used to be a vegetarian (for 6 years!) and although I eat meat now, I live a mostly vegetarian lifestyle and buy free range and hormone free when I do buy meat. I can totally relate to this post!

  3. That photo of the lamb and pig are enough to make me not want to eat meat! BTW, your pooch is adorable. Is he/she a puggle? My Smoosh would love a play date if we were near. ;)


    Jules of Canines & Couture