Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fitness Fun

I've always had a gym membership for as long as I can remember. My commitment has fluctuated depending on my relationships and workload. This past September I made an effort to go four to five times a week and bike a half hour as well as weight train. In February I felt I was in pretty good shape and so I decided to jog. I had no real goal at first, other then to run a longer distance each time, and then as March and April arrived, I started to improve.

As a child and even as a teenager I ran. I would run for soccer practice, I would run a mile for gym class, and ran cross country when I was 12 years old. It feels good to run again! I love the challenge of it, because it's not something that you can slack at. You either do it or you walk... and I walk almost everywhere already so what's the point of that. With running it's hard, you sweat, you crank up your music and at the end you feel great.

I also love Kettle Bells. I have found a few ways to use them and have noticed a difference ( I actually have some muscles now). I found this blog Aunies Sauce where she blogs about a variety of topics, but my favorites have been about Aunie training for a Marathon with her mom, or the Kettle Bell workout.

My goal for next spring is to run a marathon, and at the rate that I am going at I know it's possible. Do you have any fitness goals? Have you found a blogger who gives great tips and advice? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I need to get back in shape. Seriously! I need to find motivation and then just stick with it. I've found a few great fitness blogs, so I'll have to go through them and come back later with linkies. =0)