Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hello September!

I love September. I love it because it's still warm out, but not the same summer heat that by the end of August I'm kind of tired of.  I have a really busy September coming up. First I must get by the first week and a half of September  before I go on my trip to the Dominican. This was K's choice for our vacation, and since I usually pick the place it will be interesting to see how we feel about going there. I always hear people have an awesome time there.

While we are there we will be celebrating 6 years of marriage. Yup, 6! No kids yet, but it's given us a chance to truly experience growing up, doing what we want and getting all of that selfish stuff out of the way. Time has flown by, but I know that fun time for us will have to change sooner then later if we want to extend our family to something other then us and fur-babies. Baby making on this vacation??? Maybe?!

Then when we get back it's my birthday. Don't ask this girl what the number is. Once I hit a certain age ( anything past 27) that number becomes something I tell certain people. Once again time flies! I don't have any plans really. I know I want to wear this sexy black dress and eat out somewhere new. Other then that I have to real set plans.

Then at the end of the month my husbands friend is getting married. I love weddings, who doesn't. I love getting dressed up, getting my hair done, free drinks and a nice meal and hopefully some dancing. Anyway, that September for me. I hope it's an awesome one!

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