Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Happiness

Happy Friday! Is anyone as happy about this as me? I'm hoping I don't get called into work tomorrow, just because I would like to rest and get things a bit ready for my vacation. I also need to clean up. That's the great thing about going away. My place is a bit of a mess and with my mom coming to feed my cat while we are away I need to make some effort, I need to take the time and clean. I'm not a neat freak or a total slob, but house cleaning does get neglected. Also, I'd like to get some new items for my shop LOVE n LAVISH photographed and into my shop as well as make a few new items.

I have some news too! We found a kitten and brought it home! Okay, well K's parents found a kitten  on their porch and because I am the animal lover in the family I said I would foster this kitten.If the kitten fits in with my current pets then we will keep it.  I have a dog and cat already, but I have never had a kitten. My first cat was brought home by my dad when I was three so that doesn't count. Then, the cat I had as a teenager was 6 months old when we bought it, and pretty large kitten. Misha, who is my current cat was adopted at age 2 from a shelter.  Any advice from other cat owners who have raised their cat when it was a kitten? This one has a lot of spunk. She or he is about a month old.

Anyway, the photos are to be posted this weekend......

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