Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Spunky,Silly,Cute and Adorable

I have never had a kitten. I have had cats, adult cats who are loving and calm. When I heard that my in-laws had found a kitten on their porch, I volunteered to foster it and maybe keep it if he fit into my current cat/dog home.

So after visiting K's parents we put little "Dex" in a box and brought him home.  We have had him for a little over a week now. He's adorable, spunky, curious, very playful, and a little wild. He's got way too much energy and playfulness for my calm loving dog and timid passive 4 year old female cat. I thought he would treat my older cat Misha as a second mother. He just pounces all over her and scares her. He's too much for my full animal home.

K and I discussed  it and we can't keep him. He doesn't fit with our two other animals. So while we are away for a few days, K's friend said he would take him. When we get back this friend may keep him, or we will be taking him to the shelter that we got our cat Misha from. That shelter is really great, because it has a lot of traffic and they don't kill due to fullness or if a cat has stayed too long. I think Misha had been in the shelter 3 months by the time we came and got her.

Anyway, if you live in Toronto and want a 6 week old kitten and you don't have any other pets, this male kitten is a great choice. He's spunky and full of energy, the way all kittens should be.

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