Sunday, 22 December 2013


Toronto, Canada

I had something else in mind for todays post. This Ice thing all started last night, and I really noticed it when I was leaving work around 11pm last night and it was super slippery. Then K went for a smoke before bed and told me to check out the trees. Even at night they look really pretty, and I was reminded of the time my family went to Niagara Falls in the winter of 2004 and saw how everything by the falls is ICED up because of the cold and the constant mist from the falls. Just as I was drifting off to bed I heard a crack and a thud and realized that a branch must have fallen from the weight of the trees.

This morning I decided to bring my camera with me while I walked the dog. Trust me, if I did not own a dog I would have just stayed in. But thankfully I got out and took these cool pics. Everything is coated in ice, the trees, the sidewalks, any foliage and even the roads which is pretty dangerous. There are many fallen trees that just can't take the weight of the ice. I feel really bad for the small tree I took a photo of because it was just planted a year or two ago and obviously can't take the weight. If there is a small breeze or a tree can't take the weight you can hear a crackle noise. Anyway, I am staying in and staying safe. I am also lucky to have hydro, my mom has none. No heat and no electricity where she is, so she went to the near by mall to live for a bit.

I think this makes for a great 100 blog post? I do. Yup, I finally made number 100. Blogging has been an interesting thing for me. I still haven't figured out what makes a great one that gets lots of authentic followers. I can't see myself ever writing every day since once a week can be hard at times. But I plan on sticking with it, evolving and improving my blog in the next year. My goal for this blog would be to have some more personal posts, and I would love to find a flow that feels right.

Happy Holidays and I will be posting some cool info on December 26, so stay tuned.


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  1. Those photographs are gorgeous! Ice is really pretty, it's a shame it's so dangerous. I'm always really careful walking my dog when it gets icy outside, she tends to pull a little which doesn't help..