Saturday, 7 December 2013

The Process of Creating

I was asked to do a write up on my shop Fauna and Forest for Storenvy, and a part of me hesitated. I hate to talk about myself, I really do. I am a pretty privet person who is really modest and I hate to go on and on about myself. But I know as a buyer of online products that I love to read about other shops and their process, so I put on my head phone and listened to some Lana Del Rey and wrote. I wrote about creating, my process and what inspired me to run both shops Love n Lavish and Fauna and Forest.  Here is a little clip from the page, which will at some point be on the front page of Storenvy.

My Canadian nature shop was created about a year ago because I was looking for a way to share more of my Botanical Resin Necklaces. I am drawn and inspired by the beautiful colors and textures found in flowers and plants and I love to collect and press flowers and leaves. I walk a lot, and I love that I really am able to appreciate and be in the present each day of my life. A walk in the summer and springtime has me examining lots of the beautiful flowers,foliage and ferns that are blooming, and Autumn is a time for me to enjoy the beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange that Fall can bring. I pick plants and flowers that I am drawn to, and what I think would make for a beautiful piece.The resin preserves and showcases the beauty of a simple yellow flower petal or a red leaf that has a bit of yellow in it from the changing of seasons. These resin pieces are very special to me because they are truly one of a kind. Nothing in nature is the same, no leaf is exactly the same as the next and no flower looks exactly like the one beside it, and that gives each customer of mine something really special to own. 

Yup, that's my desk area! It's pretty small and usually more messy. I also have this really great organizer with all of my beads, but it's not photogenic. Feel free to read the whole write up too. In the end I did enjoy writing about what inspires me. Storenvy is featuring many shops this week that are having a 20% off in their shops. I am participating in that sale with other shops and you can check out the sale selection here.

I hope you enjoyed reading my write up, and if you have a shop of your own, what is the best thing about running it? How long have you run your shop and what is the best thing about doing it for you?

Have a great weekend!


  1. You did a wonderful job on your write-up, and I hope you'll let us know when it's on the front page! I joined Storenvy a few months ago, but I am just now starting to add items there. We opened up our Etsy shop at the beginning of 2010, but then we had computer problems. We didn't really start getting into it until the summer of 2011. It's fun, and it's something that we do together, so that makes it even better.

  2. I hate writing about myself as well-which I chalk up the fact that I'm not a very confident writer. Congrats to you and I think you did an awesome job with your write-up! I haven't opened my Etsy shop yet, it seems to be an everlasting work-in-progress...but I'll open it someday haha!