Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wow, Lets Weave!

Wow, I haven't blogged since January! I'm kinda surprised, but not at the same time. I make most of my post on Instagram so follow me there if you have a page.

I taught myself how to weave  this year, which is something I have wanted to to for a very long time. Below are a few of my favorite Wall Weavings which I have done, as well as a few of my favorite pieces by fellow weavers.

I love making jewelry, but a part of me has been so excited to learn something new, so after watching many videos online and checking out the DIY weaving posts on Pinterest I finally made a trip to my local craft shop. I love deciding on what colors to buy and there are some really pretty choices out there. I now have three big bins of yarn with all of my favorite selections.

At home I found an old painting of mine that I didn't like anymore so I stripped it and used the frame and hammered in some nails to make my loom. I am pretty proud of my loom and the fact that I made it myself.

I love how they have turned out and think that Wall Weavings can be such interesting pieces of art to add to your home. They have a bohemian feel that would make any creative workspace, nursery, or even a living room come alive with interest. Here are a few of the weavings I have done and the last few photos are of other weavers pieces that I think are inspiring. What color combinations do you like? Vibrant and colorful or neutral?

1. Weaving my Story

2. Unruly Edges

3. Copper Dot Weaving

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