Saturday, 19 November 2016

Jewelry Gift Ideas from LOVE n LAVISH

I was stocking up my shop yesterday and remebered that it had been a while since I had updated anything here on my blog. Yes, were are all having to get shopping for Christmas. I love it and I hate it because it can be so hard to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. If you have a sister, bestfriend, mom or even boyfriend who likes special beautiful minerals and crystals from the earth then check out some of the special pieces I have in my shop right now. I even have vials with moss specimens as well as some fun Wall Weavings for that bohemian best friend.

1. Chrysoprase stone necklace

2. Healers Gold stone necklace for him or her

 3. Om Yoga Crystal Cage that will hold your small rocks and minerals

4. A sample of the wonderful colors you can find in nature

5. Tourmaline Wire Wrapped stone on a cord (unisex)

 6. Chrysocolla Stone Wire Wrapped on a cord or chain

7. Moss Vials for the forest dweller inside of us nature lovers

 8. Choose to have lime green or mixed moss colors with these glass vial necklaces

9. These moss necklaces are great for your nature loving bestfriend, sister, mom and even grandmother.

10. A Lotus flower necklace that comes on a chain, black cord or mustard cord. I have two sizes in my shop of the Lotus pendant.

11. Crescent Moon with stars Necklaces are in my Fauna and Forest shop. They are perfect little gifts for a daughter or even sister.

12. The Swirl Necklace that represents the journey we take in life. This nicely sized pendant will be great for everyday wear and it is one of my Unisex necklaces.

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