Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September Birthday

 I had an awesome birthday as predicted. We woke up early and went out for breakfast, where I had yummy bacon, eggs, toast and a cup of coffee all for a really great cost. The weather was so nice for September,so we sat outside on the patio.

My husband treated, and then we went for a long walk. On the way home this woman was walking her dog, and behind them, about 10 paces was an orange cat who was meowing. The woman walking her dog said her cat has to come on the walks and follows them, but he likes to complain the whole time. His name was Pickle,which is a great name for a funny cat.

Later I got a pedicure and picked out this awesome turquoise colored nail polish. My mom took me out for dinner and later at home I topped off the evening with a large slice of chocolate cake, a glass of wine and a hot bath. Oh and i'm finishing off the last Fifty Shades book, just because I unwisely bought the whole trilogy. I would not recommend these books unless you like cheesy novels.

I loved this quote and decided to add it today.


  1. That quote is perfect;-)

  2. sounds like an amazing birthday!!! i've been wanting to read fifty shades for so long now. everyone says it's really good. and thanks for that quote. i'm saving it into my phone!

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