Monday, 24 September 2012

Birthday Plans

Tomorrow is my birthday!! I love my birthday and even if I don't do anything too exciting, it's still a great day. I start my new job next week so I do not have to work or book a doctors appointment just to get out of work (teehee).

Tomorrow I plan on spending the morning with the best guy in the world, my hubby. I'm going to drag us out of bed early, take us down the street to this cute family run breakfast/lunch shop and enjoy my birthday morning. As far as the rest of the day goes, I'll wing it and do whatever I feel like.

I picked out a few cute things i'd love for my birthday (my wish list) and you can have a look.

I have always loved this style of boot,and they look so comfortable. You can find them on .

I have been eyeing this ring for a little while now,its so pretty and you can find it on etsy from another fellow Canadian shop. Jasper is such a pretty and interesting stone.

Okay, so now I am getting carried away, but man oh man if I had this hot tub or even a chance so soak in it for the day then my birthday would be really fantastic.

What would be a fabulous birthday gift is to get this book by Deborah Harkness, which is the second book of the trilogy. I might cuddle up with my dog Coffee later in the evening and enjoy some red wine and start on the second book.

Anyway, another year to celebrate! I won't blog tomorrow, but I take some pics during breakfast and post them on Wednesday.

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