Friday, 22 February 2013

Mini Vacation Revisited

 This past summer K and I took a mini weekend vacation to Niagara Falls. We have been there a few times, but this time we went in the middle of the summer. It was a really nice getaway where we ditched the dog and cat and spent 3 days just to ourselves.

That's me sitting under a tree that had some serious character. I love all the bumps on that tree.

This is not from the Botanical gardens, but the Buddhist temple close by. 

                                                                       I love this view

I love getting out for long walks and K and I decided to walk from the center of Niagara falls to the Butterfly Conservatory/Botanical Gardens. The pictures above are from that trip. The walk took almost 3 hours which is fine since we took lots of photos and a few breaks along the way. Hope you like! Also, I have updated and added a few photo's in my About section of my blog, so check it out.


  1. Your photos make me want to take a vacation...and very soon!

  2. I feel like I can breathe the fresh air and hear the water splashing!On the other hand, there's something about Niagara falls that makes me shudder.I'm a new follower, nice to meet you! Hope you'll get the chance to visit my blog and follow back if you like :-)
    Love, Coco

  3. Those are great pictures. They make me wish spring was here asap for some nice weather. I haven't been Niagara Falls. Definitely on my list of places to visit.

    visiting via EBT.

  4. What amazing photos. We are living about an hour away from Niagara right now, and have been to the falls several times but now absolutely have to visit the botanical gardens too.

    Kate x

  5. Looks just gorgeous, makes me wish it was summer! We went there the other week to see it mid-winter, was so beautiful covered in snow and ice :)

    1. I have been there once in december and the trees are covered in ice and it's kind of dreamy in a Narnia kind of way. Very different from the summertime.

  6. My fiance is from the Niagara Falls area and yet I've never been! I would like to go someday, especially now that I know there is a Buddhist temple nearby - how beautiful!

  7. look like a gorgeous place to take a stroll this spring!!xx

    The Young Bridget Jones

  8. What a great adventure :D This really inspires me to go outside!

    Vanessa ~ FoundandKept

  9. so pretty! i definitely want to get up to niagra falls this summer.

    Harley & Jane

  10. I so want to visit Niagra Falls some time! The butterfly conservatory and botanical gardens are definitely on my list. =0)


  11. Your photos are amazing. So nice to see so many artistic Canadians.