Thursday, 8 August 2019

Long Time Since A Post- Update

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted. I still have my shop, but I don't have the time that I use to. I am a Mother now of a 20 Month old and I try to find time to work on my shop while he has a nap. I'm not sure how it will work once he doesn't nap. Hopefully by then he will be in school or preschool. I love my son so much and motherhood is damn hard and rewarding at the same time. I have a much greater appreciation for my own mother who I have always known was awesome, but now I have a bigger love for her.

Things change, and just before my son arrived my dog died. Gosh I loved that dog with all my heart and I don't know how we go on when our pets die. She was so funny and kind hearted and I miss her dearly. I think of her daily and wish we had a few more years with her.

I've changed the look of my jewelry and with that I am able to access stones that I really love. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones and you can find a lot of different pendants available in my shop. I have a lot of Turquoise as well as Jasper stones and a few other types of stones that I am drawn to. I love how my shop is running right now and I hope that I can have an awesome year because my family needs it right now. We are saving so that we make some changes in our life. I'm not ready to speak about it fully at the moment, but I will post some personal news soon.

Anyway, here is a look at some new items in my shop. Find me on instagram!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I love the beginning of a new year and I am hoping that this will be the year that all of my hopes come true. 2016 wasn't too bad, but there were some personal disappointments. That's life, and the journey we are on is different for all of us. I move through it and let it go and have continued hope that 2017 will be a successful year on many levels.

In the photos above we have me with my sweet pup enjoying a spring day, we have photos of some of my favorite items in my shop, I posted one of my favorite wall weavings that sold and I also have a picture of my husband playing Disc at the Island.

I usually like to list goals for the year, but this year I don't want to do that. I know what I want and what I need to do. I hope you have wishes for this year as well and that you get to where you would like to be.

Happy New Year! 2017 here we come.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Jewelry Gift Ideas from LOVE n LAVISH

I was stocking up my shop yesterday and remebered that it had been a while since I had updated anything here on my blog. Yes, were are all having to get shopping for Christmas. I love it and I hate it because it can be so hard to find the perfect gift for the special people in our lives. If you have a sister, bestfriend, mom or even boyfriend who likes special beautiful minerals and crystals from the earth then check out some of the special pieces I have in my shop right now. I even have vials with moss specimens as well as some fun Wall Weavings for that bohemian best friend.

1. Chrysoprase stone necklace

2. Healers Gold stone necklace for him or her

 3. Om Yoga Crystal Cage that will hold your small rocks and minerals

4. A sample of the wonderful colors you can find in nature

5. Tourmaline Wire Wrapped stone on a cord (unisex)

 6. Chrysocolla Stone Wire Wrapped on a cord or chain

7. Moss Vials for the forest dweller inside of us nature lovers

 8. Choose to have lime green or mixed moss colors with these glass vial necklaces

9. These moss necklaces are great for your nature loving bestfriend, sister, mom and even grandmother.

10. A Lotus flower necklace that comes on a chain, black cord or mustard cord. I have two sizes in my shop of the Lotus pendant.

11. Crescent Moon with stars Necklaces are in my Fauna and Forest shop. They are perfect little gifts for a daughter or even sister.

12. The Swirl Necklace that represents the journey we take in life. This nicely sized pendant will be great for everyday wear and it is one of my Unisex necklaces.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wow, Lets Weave!

Wow, I haven't blogged since January! I'm kinda surprised, but not at the same time. I make most of my post on Instagram so follow me there if you have a page.

I taught myself how to weave  this year, which is something I have wanted to to for a very long time. Below are a few of my favorite Wall Weavings which I have done, as well as a few of my favorite pieces by fellow weavers.

I love making jewelry, but a part of me has been so excited to learn something new, so after watching many videos online and checking out the DIY weaving posts on Pinterest I finally made a trip to my local craft shop. I love deciding on what colors to buy and there are some really pretty choices out there. I now have three big bins of yarn with all of my favorite selections.

At home I found an old painting of mine that I didn't like anymore so I stripped it and used the frame and hammered in some nails to make my loom. I am pretty proud of my loom and the fact that I made it myself.

I love how they have turned out and think that Wall Weavings can be such interesting pieces of art to add to your home. They have a bohemian feel that would make any creative workspace, nursery, or even a living room come alive with interest. Here are a few of the weavings I have done and the last few photos are of other weavers pieces that I think are inspiring. What color combinations do you like? Vibrant and colorful or neutral?

1. Weaving my Story

2. Unruly Edges

3. Copper Dot Weaving

Saturday, 2 January 2016


Hello and Happy New Year! I am so ready to get started with 2016. It's been a rough 2015 with some personal hard times. That is life and the only way to get through these difficult times is to be mindful of how I would like to deal with life's unexpected surprises. I keep telling myself to be strong and keep my thoughts positive, because to be negative takes too much energy that I don't want to give in to that.

Who knows why things don't work out exactly as you expected them to. All I know is that everyday I have is a gift and to make the best out of what I am given.

Each year I like to challenge my creativity and it doesn't always work out. I've had some ideas for my shop that didn't quite work, or that were too difficult to complete. This year I have a path for my shop, a plan, and I hope that my shop followers love what I am bringing them. Of course I want to make beautiful pieces that I adore, but I want you to love them too.

This year I will expand my Clay and Crystals section to my shop and I plan on adding 10 new Wall Weavings by the end of January. Below are some of the items in my shop currently, and soon I will be listing more, just in time for Valentines Day. What is your favorite stone? Do you have a favorite color combination you would like to see as a weaving?

Saturday, 12 December 2015

What's New in December?

The Holiday season is here! I haven't truly felt the pressure yet, and without snow it feels a bit like October still. I'm working hard and putting out as much new product to my shop as I can. I have also been very busy getting all of my  Christmas orders out for the next day if I can. I know everyone who orders form me want their necklace as soon as possible and I am working hard to make it happen.

Here are a few new pieces which I thought could use a little feature.

1. Is a Chrysocolla wire wrapped stone which I added last night to my shop. I love the rich blues and greens in this piece. Chrysocolla : Heart chakra stone, Gemini, Virgo, Taurus,  Peaceful calming stone

2. A tumbled Crystal Quartz wire wrapped. Quartz: Third eye chakra, clear thinking,protection stone, all birthstones

3. Tumbled Emerald wire wrapped necklace. Emerald properties: Heart chakra, love stone, calming stone

4. Eudialyte Raw stone wire wrapped necklace. Eudialyte is a love stone as well, acceptance of love, protection stone, heart chakra.

5. Red Jasper smooth polished stone wire wrapped necklace. Red Jasper: base chakra, stress relieving, clears negative energy, Red reflects the color of passion, energy, and life

6. Lemurian Quartz Necklace. Lemurian Quartz is a balancing stoneLemurian Seed crystals connect with the crown and solar star chakra. These are master crystals within the crystal kingdom.

A little feature for some of my necklaces currently in my shop. You don't need to believe that crystals have healing properties to appreciate and own one of these beauties. I think it's fun to know what each stone represents and can do for you. Check out my shop for more one of a kind pieces and stunning rocks and minerals. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Labradorite Love and More

Sometimes you need a little Magic in your life ! This season Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, so any pretty cabochons that I can get my hands on will be posted in my shop. I love that each stone has its own lines, and flashes of color. These ones are mainly blue/green flashes, but the diamond shape marquee stone has some purple and orange in it.

A bit about Labradorite and it's Healing Properties:
    Chakras - Base Chakra
Zodiac - LeoScorpioSagittarius
Planet - Uranus
Element - Water
Typical colours - Pale green, blue, colourless, grey-white: with iridescent blue or gold flashes

Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.  It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas

It is thought that Labradorite symbolizes the moon and sun and has been found to be a constituent of moon rock. Labradorites metaphor for its purpose: to help reveal one's spiritual destiny. Labradorite is the gemstone of magic, and it awakens in those who carry or wear it the awareness of one’s innate magical powers. This iridescent stone is highly mystical and protective, a bringer of light. It raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Labradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura, and prevents energy leakage. It can take you into another world or into other lives. This stone stimulates intuition and psychic gifts, including the art of right timing, bringing messages from the unconscious mind to the surface and facilitating their understanding. It may promote feelings of inner worth, offer inspiration and boost energy. It can assist with change, promote strength, and help you attain your goals.

I hope you love Labradorite as much as I do. This year my shop has some clay and stone pieces made by hand by myself. I also have some thick wire hand forged sterling silver and Labradorite pieces as well as some intricate wire wrapping in silver plated metal. Feel free to check out my shop this Christmas season for some incredible Labradorite necklaces in Silver Plated and Sterling Silver.

Have a great weekend!